About Me

Hello, there! I’m Robyn Jane S. I’m a mumblety-mumble years old grandmother of three, living in Rochester, New York. And no, that’s nowhere near New York City! We’re at the complete opposite end of the state. In fact, we’re closer to Toronto than we are to NYC.

I’ve been battling depression for my entire life. This blog is one of the ways I have for dealing with it. If you know anything about mental illness–especially depression–then you know how helpful it can be to maintain a journal. This blog, then, is my journal.


From time to time, I may deal with subjects that some people may find extremely disturbing, triggering, or at the very least uncomfortable. I’ll try to give you warning when one of these topics is coming up. Then again, maybe exposure to these topics can help you deal with them, although I sometimes think that gentle exposure to painful subjects in order to inure one’s self to them is akin to shooting yourself with a .22 caliber pistol in order to build up an immunity to being shot with a .45 or 9mm weapon.

The main thing to remember is that I am not a medical professional, and unless explicitly stated otherwise, everything you find here is n=based on my own experiences. What works for me might not work for you, so as the EPA says on gasoline pumps, “YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY.”

In fact, in all probability, it WILL.

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