The Good, The Bad, and the Butt-Ugly

Posted: 12 July, 2016 in Depression

Or, It Sucks to Move

We knew when we left Seattle that it was a temporary move intended to give us a better chance at finding jobs. We also knew we’d be returning to the Upper Left Coast when the time was right.

The time is right. Except for very short periods when we first arrived here, we’ve both been unemployed for the past 7 years. Rochester’s economy is depressed, and employment opportunities are as hard to come by as an honest lawyer.

“You’re overqualified.” “Sorry, you don’t have the right experience/education to suit our needs.”

And then there was the email from my daughter. The same daughter who 7 years ago refused to attend our wedding when I was outed to my family as transgender. The same daughter who told me I would never see my grandson again. But over time, lots of emails and phone calls, we finally reconciled, and she is the daughter who now asks, “When are you coming back to Seattle? You have three grandchildren who need to get to know you.”

And so I’m giving notice to my landlord, packing my bags, and catching the train to Seattle. Why the train, when air travel is so much faster? Because while finding the right deal could result in a lower ticket price by air, I can take 6 bags with me—regardless of size—on the train. And when you’re moving your household, that’s a Pretty Good Deal.

So Why Does It Suck?

Because I have to pack and clean. Unfortunately, Star Trek’s transporter technology still doesn’t exist, so I’m going to have to wrap and pack every single item I’ll be taking with me. Stacey suggested we get rid of everything except our clothes and other necessities (her art supplies, my kitchen appliances), and buy what we need when we get there, and I’m down with that.

Sure, there are things I’ll miss about Rochester. There’s Rochester’s Public Market, but the hostel we’ll be staying in when we first arrive is only 3 blocks from Pike Place Market.

Sure, there’s no Wegman’s, but there are a couple of Mongolian Barbecue places.

And I’m pretty sure the University of Washington Medical Center is on a par with Strong Memorial Hospital.

And finally, while Seattle’s official nickname may be The Emerald City, it is also known as The Transgender Capital of America.


As I said, I’m taking the train. Stacey will follow in her car. Another benefit to the train is that it has free Wi-Fi, so I’ll be able to keep in touch via email. It also means if I want to update this blog, I’ll be able to.

After all, it IS a three day trip.

So that’s the latest from my cell in the loony bin.

Catch you later…


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